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Photo of Veronika Paksi

Veronika Paksi

PhD student

e-mail: paksi.veronika@tk.mta.hu

Room: C 409

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Nagy B, Paksi V (2014): Questions of harmonising work-life balance among higher educated women.
In: Spéder Zsolt (ed):Family attractions. Studies in honour of Tiborné Pongrácz. KSH NKI, Budapest, 159-175.

Acsády J, Biegelbauer A, Somogyi B, Paksi V, Szalma I (2012) (De)valuing care: Traditional and alternative patterns in the social construction of care in Hungary after the transition.
In: Krassimira Daskalova, Caroline Hornstein-Tomic, Karl (eds.): Gendering post-socialist transition. Studies of changing gender perspectives Kaser, Filip Radunovic. LIT Verlag / Berlin, Münster, 2011. Wien, pp. 119-149.

Király G, Paksi V (2012):Uncertainty in work and private life.
In: Messing Vera, Ságvári Bence (eds):Social attitudes and values towards family, state and economy in a European comparison. European Survey Studies). Budapest: MTA SZKI-MTA PTI, pp. 54-75

Paksi V, Sebők Cs, Szalma I (2008): The main determinants of household work division among partners.
In: Füstös L, Guba L, Szalma I (eds.): Social Register 2008/2, MTA PTI - MTA SZKI, Budapest, pp. 33-71


  • Paksi V (2014): Why are there so few women in STEM fields? An international overview on the leaky pipeline metaphor.
    Replika, 85-86 (Replicate, [HU] (2013/4–2014/1): 109-130.
  • Király G, Paksi V, Luksander A (2014): Domestic attitudes towards the timing of having a first child in the face of uncertainty.
    Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association, 24(3): 84–112.
  • Király G, Luksander A, Paksi V (2013): Youths’ risk of unemployment in Hungary and in a European comparison.
    Culture and Community [HU], 44(3):139-153.
  • Paksi V, Szappanos Á (2009): The early career in the field of STEM and the difficulties of work-life balance.
    Hungarian Science [HU], 6: 748-754.
  • Paksi V, Szalma I (2009):When should we become a parent? The age norms of too young, ideal and too old childbearing in European comparison.
    Review of Sociology the Hungarian Sociological Association, 3: 92-115.
  • Paksi V, Szalma I (2009): Age norms of childbearing. Early, ideal and late childbearing in European countries.
    Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association, 2: 57-80.
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