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Nikolett Geszler

PhD student

e-mail: nikolettgeszler@gmail.com

Room: C 409


  • Researcher in the OTKA project “Dilemmas and strategies in reconciling family and work” - 2013-2017
  • Researcher in the international research "Business Leaders and New Varieties of Capitalism in Post-Communist Europe" - 2011-2013

Awards, prizes, scholarships:

  • 1. place on Scientific Students’ Associations (TDK) of 2011.
    Title of paper: Vezetői jövedelmek – egy nemzetközi kutatás főbb eredményei
    (Income of Business Leaders – Main Results of an International Research)
  • Special Award of Ministry of Administration and Justice on the XXX. Jubilee National Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDK).
    Title of paper: A magyar politikai és gazdasági elit európai szintű karriervállalási hajlandósága
    (The European Level Career Intentions of the Hungarian Political and Economic Elite)

Other works:

  • Presentation on the joint jubilee conference of Hungarian Sociological Association and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Sociology (October 2013)
    Title of presentation: Manager men
  • Presentation on the conference called Social and Cultural Resources, Development Policy, Local Development, Capacity of the State organized by the Corvinus University of Budapest. (February 2011).
    Title of presentation: CSR in two manufacturing enterprises
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